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How to Dispute a Credit Card Charge in Georgia

Many Georgia residents have problems with charges on their credit cards.  Weather they are charges that they did not authorize, or goods not delivered as promised, they seem to have a high incidents of credit card disputes.  Ordering goods over the internet has greatly contributed to this problem.  Many times, sellers misrepresent the quality or nature of the goods they are selling.  This does not mean that you have to pay that bill.

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    Here is how to file a credit card dispute with your credit card company.

    The process is pretty straight forward. The things you need to do to protect yourself are:

    • Write a dispute letter within 60 days of the date of the credit card statement that you receive that contains the incorrect charge.

    • Make sure you receive an acknowledgement of your dispute from the credit card company.

    • If they don’t remove the charge, your liability is limited to the lesser of the amount of the unauthorized charge or $50. If they insist on charging you more because the charge was not an unauthorized one, then you have a very short 1 year statute of limitations within which to file your lawsuit.

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    What happens if the credit card company does not remove the charge?

    Short answer – You have to sue them to get the charge removed.

    Medium answer – You should sue the credit card company and the merchant.

    Best answer – Sue the credit card company and merchant with a law firm that does not charge you fees and costs until you collect your money from the defendants and only looks to what is collected to get paid. That is what we do.

    Let us draft the right dispute letter for you. We take the time to understand your complaint and advise you of what can be done about it. Our advice is free. We charge you nothing for the dispute letter. If we have to sue the merchant or the credit card company, our fees and costs get paid when we collect from these defendants.

    Here is how the Credit Card Dispute Process works

    distressed person writing a dispute letter to their credit card company
    Write a letter to the company

    Send a written dispute letter to the credit card company. Usually, you can use the credit card statement for this purpose. Identify the charge and the problem you have with it. Note – your dispute must be received by the credit card company within 60 days from the date of the credit card statement

    credit card company looking for receipts
    They must acknowledge it

    The credit card company must acknowledge receipt of your dispute within 30 days of receiving it. Do not pay the charge or any related interest while its in dispute

    lawyer investigating credit card company
    They must investigate

    The credit card company must investigate your dispute. They cannot simply take the merchant’s word. They must review documents that show your individual liability for the charge

    credit card company must provide the result of the investigation
    They must give you results of the investigation

    If credit card company finds the merchant is in error, they must credit you for the charge and any related interest. If they find against you, they mus explain why. You have a reight to ask for documentation showing you liability

    person suing the credit card company
    What if they find against you?

    You can sue the credit card company and the merchant for the errant or bogus charges. You can get actual and statutory damages along with costs and attorneys fees if you are successful.

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    Call us for a free, no obligation consultation. We can handle your credit card dispute for you. If they don’t see things our way and we litigate, we will not charge you anything out of pocket

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