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    Being Charged Monthly For Credit Repair? That’s Illegal.

    The Federal Trade Commission has made it illegal for “for profit” credit repair companies to charge fees to consumers until 6 months after the credit repair company has provided all of the promised benefits.

    Best Reasons Why You Should Not Pay For Credit Repair

    Here are the best reasons to use our new program:

    It costs you nothing to get your credit repaired with 3 dispute letters from us

    It costs you nothing to get your credit repaired with 3 dispute letters from us. Credit repair companies simply write dispute letters to the bureaus. They charge you a monthly fee (which is illegal in most cases, see below). Their goal is to keep you in their credit repair program and have you pay fees for as long as possible. Our goal, very candidly, is just to get a look at your credit reports. We think we can accomplish more for you in 3 letters than what a credit repair company can.

    We have the most innovative programs for identifying errors and mistakes on credit reports

    We have developed several unique and cutting-edge theories for disputing negative items on credit reports. We have not seen anyone else in the credit repair space use these theories. Moreover, we have been very successful in not only getting negative items removed from peoples’ credit reports, but also, we are able to get them some monetary damages as well.

    Credit Repair companies are notorious for writing illegal dispute letters

    Many credit repair companies still use a dispute that simply says “Not mine.” Others dispute everything that is negative on your credit reports whether these disputes are bona fide or not. These are just crappy dispute letters for 2 reasons:

    • It is illegal to lie to a credit bureau or data furnisher to fix your credit;

    • They typically cause no change on your credit report.

    The credit bureaus have caught on to these “credit repair tricks” a long time ago. Every bureau has a department to identify not only the patterns in these letters, but which credit reporting company is writing them. Under the Credit Repair Organization Act, both the credit clinic and you can get into deep and expensive trouble for writing and sending these bogus dispute letters.
    We sign our name, as your lawyers, to your dispute letters

    Dispute letters that come from lawyers and law firms are far more respected and effective than those that are prepared for you by a credit clinic. The credit bureaus know who we are and understand what happens to them if they don’t read and heed our dispute letters.

    We don’t work for free. We just don’t get paid from your pocket. We make our money when we sue credit bureaus and data furnishers

    We are not looking for money from your pocket; we are looking to collect our fees from the pockets of the defendants that we sue. We have a very high success rate that makes money for us and our clients.

    Charging monthly fees for credit repair is illegal in most situations

    Under the Credit Repair Organization Act (“CROA”), a federal statute that protects consumers from people who fix credit, a credit repair company cannot charge you fees until they have completed the work for you that they promised. Under the Telemarketing Sales Rules (“TSRs”), a credit repair company has to wait at least six months after it has provided you with the promised services before it can charge you fees. The only exception to this rule are companies that are non profit under the Internal Revenue Code at section 501(c)(3). The vast majority of credit repair companies are operating illegally. There is no reason for you to pay for credit repair services today. You really should not use one.

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    We will draft up to 3 dispute letters for you at no out of pocket charge. . Our litigation program also has no out of pocket charge to you. Call us today at (404) 591-6680 or visit us at You can also email us for more information at

    Why You should NOT Pay for Credit Repair

    How much to send out 3 dispute letters?
    Goal of the program
    How do you go about fixing credit
    What things can you find to fix?
    Whose identity do you use to dispute?
    How do you get paid

    Credit Repair Lawyers of America

    • Free

    • Get your credit reports clean from errors and mistakes

    • Up to 3 free dispute letters and then a lawsuit that costs nothing out of pocket

    • We look for issues and dispute items that others do not

    • Ours. Law firms are respected by the credit bureaus.

    • When we sue and settle with credit bureaus or data furnishers (legal)


    Just about any Credit Repair Company
    • Can cost up to $450

    • Keep you paying monthly fees

    • Keep writing the same tired dispute letters month after month while you pay month after month

    • “Not mine”, “I need more information” “The account number is off” and other tired excuses that accomplish nothing.

    • They use your identity and want no known association with the letter that they draft on your behalf.

    • Every month, you pay whether there are results or not (illegal)

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