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    How can your credit report get damaged without your fault or worse yet, without you knowing about it? Let us count the ways:

    • Identity theft is still the fastest growing crime in the United States. Sadly most people first learn that their identity has been stolen when they are turned down for loans and don’t know why.

    • Mis-merge – People with the same name that typically live in the same town are at risk of getting each other’s credit information on their credit reports. This happens a lot with twins that live under the same roof or fathers and sons who are seniors/juniors.

    • Creditors reporting you late when you are not late in paying your debts.

    • Derogatory information such as unpaid accounts, charge offs and bankruptcies, for longer than they are allowed to by law.

    • Creditors reporting a monthly payment on charged off accounts.

    • Post bankruptcy payments made to a lender that are not reported. Thirty five (35%) of your credit score is made up of timely made payments. Your mortgage was probably NOT discharged in your bankruptcy, yet your lender is probably refusing to report these post bankruptcy payments. The lender is depressing your credit score illegally.

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    It was very easy to talk with Gary. He explained what happened to us and then contacted the bill collector. We didn’t have to do anything… Gary made the debt go away completely. Gary’s office was very efficient. They just took care of us. He told us to relax and he’d take care of it, and he did.

    ★★★★★ Married Couple, Norcross, GA

    His website is very professional. After going through the site, I was sure he was the attorney for me. He exceeded my expectations. He has a certain presence. He’s a big man. A direct man. Hospitable. I was glad he was for me and not against me. If I was the defending attorney, I would look to settle. Gary’s got his ducks in a row.

    ★★★★★ Construction Worker, Mableton, GA

    The creditor continued to put hard hit inquiries on my credit report after bankruptcy. Gary forced them to remove all the negative inquiries that were causing my score to drop. Gary was very knowledgeable. He gave me his undivided attention. He told me with confidence that we’ll win this and he did! He knew how to stop them.

    ★★★★★ Nurse, Atlanta, GA

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