Can I Get My Credit Repaired In GA?


Credit repair is generally illegal in the State of Georgia except if you are a law firm or a 501(c)(3) organization. GA is the only state in the country that has made credit repair illegal. This illegality may have something to do with GA being the home state for Equifax, but who knows for sure? Point is, if you need credit repair, you don’t want to work with anyone that is not a lawyer or working with a charity to do so, in Georgia. So what should you do if you need your credit repaired? Here are our best tips for selecting a credit repair company if you live in Georgia.

How To Get Your Credit Repaired In Georgia

1.Work Only With a Credit Repair Law Firm Or a 501(c)(3) Organization

Despite credit repair being illegal in GA, there is a pile of illegal credit repair companies operating openly. Just check Google. If they get caught, and many of them have, they can get into trouble with the law and so could you. It’s not a headache you need to risk.

2. When You Find An Organization That You Can Legally Work With, Be Sure To See If They Have a Staff.

Nothing is more frustrating than calling an office and having to leave a message every time because the one person in the office is either out or on the other line.

3. Pay For Your Credit Repair On a Monthly Basis & Not a Pay Per Delete Basis

In our industry, there are two ways to pay for credit repair. One way is to pay a flat monthly fee to get improperly, or unsubstantiated items removed from your report. The other way, which I don’t recommend, is to pay when an item is in fact removed. The problem with this is that when an item is removed and then subsequently placed back on your credit reports (which can and does happen), you will be charged for the removal in the first instance. It’s just not a wise use of your money.

4. Make Sure That Your Credit Repair Law Firm Or Company Has a Client Portal

This way, you can log onto their system and see how your file is doing 24×7.

5. Check Out Their Google Reviews

Need I say more???

6. Ask About Their Program

Many credit repair companies that have a monthly payment program, have no set length on how long you can stay in their program for. You stay in for as long as you want. This does not make a lot of sense to me. Within 3-4 months, you will know what is and what is not coming off of your report. To keep you in their program longer than this is only a waste of your money.

7. Be Sure That The Company Is Compliant With The Law

The Credit Repair Organization Act (“CROA”) is a federal statute that regulates credit repair companies. Some of the provisions of this act require the company to:

  • Give a written agreement and signed agreement;
  • Give you the right to terminate the agreement within 3 days of signing;
  • Give you a disclosure that requires them to inform you that you can dispute negative information on your credit report, yourself.
  • Most importantly, the credit repair company cannot charge you any fees in advance of doing the work. Not so much as a dime. If the company that you propose to work with asks you for any money, up front, do not do business with it because chances are, it’s a scam.


Credit reports can get damaged for many reasons including identity theft, creditor error and even credit bureau mistakes. There are many credit repair companies that operate illegally so it’s important that you choose the right law firm or charity to work with to repair your credit.

About Credit Repair Lawyers of GA, is a Michigan-based law firm that focuses on consumer rights law. We help people who have errors and mistakes on their credit reports and not coincidentally, have a monthly payment program in GA to fix credit reports. If you have issues on your credit reports or need some free advice about how to clean them up, call us at Credit Repair Lawyers of GA at (404) 591-6680. You can also email us at Visit us at for more information.



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